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Meconomics® 101

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B2B Through the Entertain Lens

Business gets done on the golf course, at the ball game and over dinner. Why? These occasions provide Entertainment, which enables the building of relationships and trust.

​Meconomics® takes the Entertain lens a step further. If you know your offering and business processes so well that you can make the business transaction simple and painless for the customer, you will have a competitive advantage. 

​Will it be a lot of giggly fun? Probably not. Can it be easier doing business with you than with your competitors? Absolutely. In this case, the Entertain lens might manifest itself as easier processes, better project management systems, version controls, budget controls, etc. that give customers confidence in your business and help them worry less about their business.

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Here's an example of the techniques and exercises included in Meconomics® 101. This excerpt is from Chapter Eighteeen: Business-to-Business (B2B) Meconomics®.