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Meconomics® 101

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Application Exercise

"In the table below, think about the indicated marketing materials ... and your messaging.

  1. Review your tagline. Do you communicate how enjoyable it will be doing business with you? If not, how could you modify your tagline so it does?
  2. Review your Website and social media sites through the Entertain lens. Is it present? If not, should you add it?
  3. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and review the shopping experience. Is it fun or painful, enjoyable or complex? What about your paperwork and communication processes?
  4. Review your customer incentives. Do you offer fun incentives or price discounts? Are you creative or the same as your competitors? Do you know what your customers would enjoy and then use that information to develop your affinity programs?"
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Here's an example of the techniques and exercises included in Meconomics® 101. This excerpt is from Chapter Five: Does Your Customer Expect to Be Entertained?